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Emajane loved chocolates and was always thrilled when a box came her way. Christmas arrived and a friend presented her with a lovely BIG box of chocolate! She was thrilled and didn’t want to share with her teenage grandson who also loved chocolate and was visiting from out of state. She hid the chocolate on a shelf in her closet behind a hat box so that her grandson wouldn’t help himself.

Christmas came and went. Late in January, Emajane called her daughter and said, “I found a box of chocolates in my closet. Do you know where they came from?” Her daughter was alarmed as mom never forgot chocolate.

This was the first clue that mom was experiencing cognitive decline. Sometimes the signs are subtle and sometimes not. When memory loss, or other health issues, happen and progress, families frequently don’t know what to do, where to turn or how to manage the changes. Finding the right resources, getting the right help and having a plan is critical to ensure quality care in the face of these challenges. AffirmiCare supports you by providing resources, building a team of caregivers, and coordinating the needed care.

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Emajane’s cognitive decline continued, and her husband, Bob, made a valiant effort to provide care for her. Soon he couldn’t leave her alone, was doing personal care, and was fatigued and frustrated. He wanted to be the one providing her care, he felt a deep responsibility. Then he himself got sick. His heart was broken, both literally and figuratively. He was hospitalized and there was no plan in place for Emajane. Family flew in from out of state and discovered the extent of the work he was doing.

The time had come to get some help! But..Emajane was resistant to outside help. Her husband wasn’t sure he wanted “strangers” in the house. How did he know they could be trusted? How were they trained? Where do you find people to help? What kind of help would they provide?

AffirmiCare understands that getting help can be daunting, especially under stressful circumstances. AffirmiCare can relieve the stress by providing a range of services including personal care, medication reminders, light housekeeping, companionship, errands…and more. All AffirmiCare staff are background checked at both the state and federal level. Colorado also requires a check of the Adult Protective Services database to ensure that staff haven’t been involved in elder abuse. AffirmiCare trains staff using a nationally recognized online training program, as well as in person in depth personal orientations to each client. Our goal is to meet your needs so that you have confidence and security in the care we provide.

Travel Assistance

Travel Services

Emajane came from a loving family some of whom live out of state. As Emajane’s cognitive decline progressed, she became increasingly anxious and confused in situations where there were a lot of people and a there was a lot going on. The family wanted Emajane to be part of a large celebration but knew that Bob would not be able to manage Emajane on an airplane or keep her calm in a confusing atmosphere filled with laughter, chatter and chaos. Travel by air is hard at the best of times but fraught with anxiety and fatigue for people with dementia. Bob needed assistance getting Emajane to the family gathering.

While at the gathering, Bob wanted to be able to socialize with family and attend activities without the constant worry of watching over Emajane. He wanted to make sure that she was safe, comfortable and engaged during the event.

AffirmiCare provides travel assistance for clients and families, allowing them to focus on enjoying their visit. AffirmiCare can provide 24-hour assistance during travel or periodic support allowing the family to have alone time together. We ensure that your family member is ready for any group activity. If needed, we accompany them and provide support to free others from the caregiving role. Alternatively, we can plan engaging outings for the client while their loved ones are participating in other activities. We plan the journey from home to the destination and back with input from family, making the travel process as carefree and safe as possible.

Robert & Emajane

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