Lena Wenzel, MFA

Media Coordinator & Recruiting

Lena Wenzel is a determined, passionate, and driven professional with a diverse background. She is an advocate in senior care for over 16 years delivering exceptional services and developing a role as a trusted bridge. She is cultivating these relationships through shared experiences and guiding others as a certified end-of-life doula, Alzheimer’s advocate, Hospice volunteer, meditation/wellness leader, and administrative support. This has led her to a deeper understanding of community needs and contribution.

During Peace Corps volunteer service in Morocco, her hands-on experience integrating into rural and urban areas enabled her to support and empower individuals and families internationally. Lena’s creative path as an artist has taken her on a journey into music, design, media, and photography, expressing her curiosity in people, humanity, and their unique stories.

Lena with Photo Equipment
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