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Home Care Services in Metro Denver and Boulder County

At AffirmiCare our passionate care team partners with you to provide personally tailored non-medical home care, care coordination, and senior-management services. We specifically design a plan to help you live a vibrant, healthy, and independent life. Our committed team enhances your life while providing you, or your loved ones, the needed care and support. Our goal…Confidence in Care.

We Know That

Helping Your Loved Ones is Difficult

Helping a loved one in need is indeed difficult! Frequently, families come to AffirmiCare not knowing how to manage the changes associated with aging or emerging health issues. You feel a responsibility to do the right thing and get the knowledge and support needed but may not know where to start. This is unchartered territory. There are so many things to know, so many things to organize and manage that it can be overwhelming. You don’t know how to ensure the health and safety of you family member and may even have too little time to provide the needed care.

AffirmiCare provides a range of services from companionship to meal preparation and personal care. For further information on our offerings, please see the services page.

We Bring You

Peace of Mind

We listen to you and your family to understand your unique needs and concerns. We provide support, home care services, and guidance to help you manage and thrive even under challenging circumstances. In addition to being care providers, we’re also committed educators that share our knowledge to guide you on this path. Our broad level of experience and expertise enable us to identify approaches and solutions that help you stay independent longer and live the life you want.

Customer Testimonials

Celebrating Senior Masters

The Textile Arts

We have great admiration for those who have pursued their craft over a lifetime and achieved an uncommon level of expertise. In some countries, elders with such experience are revered for their cultural contributions and their craft’s beauty and meaningfulness. At AffirmiCare, we, too, celebrate our elder friends who bring their unique vision and spirit to the community. Our first featured artist of excellence is Sharon Wenzel who brings her colorful vision to life through her Zingari doll creations. She describes them as “spirit friends who bring good fortune, health, joy, and wisdom to those who delight in their company.” 

A Feature Story About Sharon Wenzel, Master Artist

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