In Conversation - The AffirmiCare Podcast

Welcome to “In Conversation – The AffirmiCare Podcast,” hosted by our wonderful and multi-talented media coordinator, Lena Wenzel! In these podcasting episodes, Lena explores all things AffirmiCare – successful and healthy aging, the people and personalities providing you support, education, challenges, and solutions in our challenging health care environment, and a few things that are just plain fun and exciting. You will find out about our staff, their backgrounds, and why they have such a passion for care. You will learn the behind-the-scenes stories that brought them on their care journey. And perhaps you may find a few surprises along the way. So please join us as we explore the wonderful world of AffirmiCare!

Episode 1 - A Passion for Care

In our introductory episode, Lena talks with Paula Enrietto, Ph.D., the CEO of AffirmiCare. In this heartfelt discussion, you will discover why Paula has such dedication and commitment to finding the best and most effective care solutions for aging seniors. You will get to know her and how her background as a successful research scientist led to a career serving seniors.

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