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Carefully observe your family to see if they are managing normal daily activities. Please make sure they are eating well, cleaning their home, taking care of their finances, and attending to their hygiene. If not, it is time to get them assistance. They may be struggling with a physical impairment that prevents them from performing these tasks. Or..they may be experiencing some memory loss or cognitive dysfunction that interferes with their judgment.

This is one of the hardest things to do as getting help implies a lack of independence and control. Each family situation is different. It is important to get personal assistance in planning for the conversation with your family. It is critical to understand where your family is emotionally. Are they in denial about their situation? Or..are they beginning to experience cognitive disabilities that require medical intervention. As a concerned family member, it is important to find the guidance you need to untangle these complex situations and find the right help.

Community living works well for many and provides a wonderful support for families. However, it can be a difficult transition. It is important to understand in detail your family member’s needs. Do they need assistance with normal daily activities like bathing or taking their medication? Are they isolated and in need of a community that will support their social well being? Senior living communities that include independent living and assisted living options may work to support your family member’s well-being and safety. But—the transition to community living may bring additional difficulties as most of us are used to living in our own homes. It is important to understand your family member’s comfort level with community living and determine if in-home help would be a better fit for them.

Begin by seeking medical advice to thoroughly understand your family member’s health. This will direct your plan moving forward. Develop a team to help you manage your family’s needs. This team should include their physician and an elder care attorney to make sure all legal documents are in order (ex. power of attorney, do not resuscitate order, will). Identify and engage a home care company that can help them manage normal daily activities and provide you with guidance and counsel as your family member’s needs change.

It is important to hire an agency that is owned and operated by someone with experience in providing services and care to seniors. The agency should employee their Personal Care Assistants to ensure that they are background checked, trained and insured. The agency should provide a range of services and a service plan tailored to your family’s needs. Most importantly, the agency should also serve as a resource for you when your family’s needs change.

There are several advantages to using a home care agency. First, there is always backup should a Personal Care Assistant become ill or go on vacation. You won’t be dependent on one person alone. Secondly, if the agency employees their Personal Care Assistants they pay for employment taxes and liability insurance, a responsibility that may be yours if a private Caregiver is employed. Finally, Agencies are required to carry out background checks on all Personal Care Assistants so that you can be more confident about the person caring for your loved one.

At AffirmiCare, Personal Care Assistants are chosen for their compassionate, empathetic heart. We look for individuals who have a passion for working with the elderly. Most of our Personal Care Assistants have experience from caring for their own family and know the value of having assistance in the home. We carefully background screen all applicants and, once employed, provide extensive training.

The Personal Care Assistants at AffirmiCare provide help with all the activities of normal daily living from meal preparation to light housekeeping. They run errands, do grocery shopping, laundry and provide companionship either in the home or community. When needed, they provide personal care such as showering and assistance with personal grooming. Medication reminders are an important part of their duties when your family member has trouble to remember taking their medications.

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