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AffirmiCare team members are more than care providers. They create connections between clients, family members and team members. We listen to you and your family to gain a better understanding of your unique story, needs and concerns. We provide support through tailored home care services and gentle guidance to help you manage and thrive. Whether meeting personal care needs or engaging clients in their favorite hobbies and interests, we strive to enhance the lives of all those we serve. As a team of committed educators, we share our knowledge and resources to guide you on this path.


The AffirmiCare Podcast

Welcome to “Conversations – The AffirmiCare Podcast,” hosted by the AffirmiCare Media Coordinator, Lena Wenzel! In these podcast episodes, Lena explores all things AffirmiCare – successful and healthy aging, the people and personalities providing you support, education, solutions to the many challenges we face, and a few things that are just plain fun and exciting. You will find out about our staff, their backgrounds, and why they have such a passion for care. You will learn the behind-the-scenes stories that brought them on their care journey. And perhaps, you may find a few surprises along the way. So please join us as we explore the world of AffirmiCare.

Episode 7: Enjoying The Journey

Lisa Kovener shares her experiences in caretaking in different roles. Lisa tells us about her enthusiasm to empower other individuals as they age and that anything is possible. She enjoys her aging journey and explores modeling as an expression of freedom.

Episode 6: Financial Well-Being

Jenn Pena

Jennifer Peña, Financial Advisor and co-owner of Pursuit Wealth Management, talks with us about her professional and personal experiences with seniors. She shares the power of community, work ethic, purpose, and impact on her clients, learning from others and what she values most.    

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Episode 5: An Artist With A Unique Vision

Sharon Wenzel
Sharon Wenzel possesses a unique creative talent and vision specializing in handmade fiber art. Her masterful creations – Zingari dolls and jewelry – reflect her personality combining a sense of humor, a peaceful demeanor, and an air of mystery! In this episode, Sharon shares some of her history and how she came to art and music.

Episode 4: A Caregiver's Professional Journey

Julie Bodner
Julie Bodner comes to AffirmiCare as a pre-professional with a personal caregiving background. In this episode she talks to us about the ins and outs of caregiving, being vulnerable, a bit about what she’s learned and how it motivates her, and what feeds her passion and soul.

Episode 3: Caregiver and End-of-Life Doula

Celia Macedo - Caregiver and Doula

In this episode, Lena talks with Celia Macedo, who brings a thoughtful perspective to caregiving and end-of-life care with her unique approach to supporting her remarkable clients. She shares what she has gained in studying to become a caregiver and end-of-life Doula. Celia also discusses her involvement in many projects within her community and shares her talents, experiences, and wisdom.

Episode 2: A Heart Connection with Seniors

Anne has worn many different hats over the years. She re-entered the workforce and found connections with Seniors to be a perfect fit for her lifestyle, whether she is listening to her client’s stories or sharing daily tasks of living with those she serves. Anne shares that a heart connection is the most significant part of her WHY in coming into a field that supports her well-being and gives her purpose.

Episode 1: The Path to AffirmiCare: A Lifetime of Caring

In our introductory episode, Lena talks with Paula Enrietto, Ph.D., the CEO of AffirmiCare. During this podcast, you will discover why Paula has such dedication and commitment to finding the best and most effective care solutions for aging seniors. You will get to know her and how her background as a successful research scientist led to a career serving seniors.

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