Aging Engaged

What is emotional well-being?

In our last blog post, we described some things that don’t change with age and some things that do. We reviewed the research that shows that our emotional well-being increases as we age and emotional well-being is critical for healthy aging. This paradox surprised researchers and led to a deeper understanding of emotional well-being as …

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The Aging Paradox, Emotions and Aging

In our last post, we described the paradox revealed through research into aging and emotions. Aging is a process of normal maturation and development, which results in increased emotional well-being as we age. This research also served to debunk several myths that are pervasive in society. These include the following: Myth: Everyone gets depressed as …

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Change is the Status Quo

Welcome to the “Teach Me How to Age” educational series. We derived these blog posts from a series of lectures presented at several senior residential communities near Louisville, Colorado during the summer of 2018. In these posts, we examine the conundrums and challenges associated with aging; more specifically, aging successfully with intent and purpose; and …

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