Teach Me How to Age Series

Welcome to the Aging Engaged Blog! Aging Engaged is a program which engages, educates, and supports individuals as they age. It also provides educational resources to professionals who work daily with elders. Our goal is to provide tools to promote successful and purposeful aging. Join us as we offer you tips, techniques, and a little insight along the way to help manage the many facets of engaged aging! Our first educational series is termed “Teach Me How To Age,” a series of blog posts provided by our CEO Paula Enrietto, Ph.D. where she shares some perspectives and strategies for managing the challenges that come with aging (after all, whoever taught you “how to age?”).

Change is the Status Quo

Welcome to the “Teach Me How to Age” educational series. We derived these blog posts from a series of lectures presented at several senior residential communities near Louisville, Colorado during the summer of 2018. In these posts, we examine the conundrums and challenges associated with aging; more specifically, aging successfully with intent and purpose; and

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Exploration is Key

As we discussed in the previous post, aging is a continual process of change that may elicit many emotions including confusion, anger, fear, feelings of loss and lack of hope. While these are predictable responses to change, there are ways to handle these emotions and emerge more resilient and adaptable! Understanding the physical and emotional

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The Aging Paradox, Emotions and Aging

In our last post, we described the paradox revealed through research into aging and emotions. Aging is a process of normal maturation and development, which results in increased emotional well-being as we age. This research also served to debunk several myths that are pervasive in society. These include the following: Myth: Everyone gets depressed as

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What is emotional well-being?

In our last blog post, we described some things that don’t change with age and some things that do. We reviewed the research that shows that our emotional well-being increases as we age and emotional well-being is critical for healthy aging. This paradox surprised researchers and led to a deeper understanding of emotional well-being as

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